What is Pickle Hot Sauce?

Pickle Hot Sauce was first brainstormed one early Iowa morning over a tasty but slightly disappointing Bloody Mary. Ryan's sister hastily poured some of the pickle juice from the pickle jar into the glass. She looked momentarily at the jar, and then at Ryan and asked "Why don't people make flavored pickle juice?"

After 5 years of trial and error and many a tasting by family and friends, sometimes begrudgingly, Pickle Hot Sauce was born. Turns out that the sauce is not only good in Bloody Marys but on a whole plethora of foods and snacks such as:

  • Hot wings
  • BBQ Meats
  • Quesadillas
  • Burgers
  • Hot Dogs and Brats
  • Nachos
  • and...basically anything you want to taste more like spicy pickles.

    Here's one you should try.

    BEWARE: You're going to want to drink more than one so make sure you're prepared before continuing.

    1. Ice
    2. 8 oz Bloody Mary Mix of your choice
    3. 2 tbsp Pickle Hot Sauce
    4. Salt and Pepper to taste
    5. Shake until mixed
    6. Add Cayenne Pepper and salt mixture to rim of Rocks Glass
    7. Pour chilled mix into Rocks Glass
    8. Garnish with a pickle, habanero, bacon, cheeseburger, or anything else. Go wild.